Which One's Pink?

Performing the music of Pink Floyd c.1969-1983


Comfortably Numb Live  

Behind the scenes, yet always indispensable and cherished, are the talents of Gilles (sound), Todd (lighting), Matthew (lasers, specials), Jon (video, sound effects), Rob (monitors), and the expertise of RK/NADKHO Productions—without whom these shows would not come to life.

The Players:

Website: www.theakproject.com
Lead Vocal, All Guitars, Talk Box, Lap Steel, Founder

A highly skilled multi-instrumentalist hailing from London, England, AK is a remarkable artist proficient in guitar, drums, bass, and keyboards. His musical journey is intricately woven with a deep love and respect for the iconic sounds of Pink Floyd, a passion ignited by the discovery of rare recordings from the 1970s. Already a socially conscious individual, AK channeled his admiration for Floyd's groundbreaking work into his own form of self-expression, giving rise to Comfortably Numb in 1993. The band emerged not as a mere tribute but as a genuine, heartfelt endeavor to create a large-scale, multimedia show that captivates Pink Floyd enthusiasts. Described by fans as 'playing like David Gilmour and sounding like Roger Waters,' AK's approach to the magic of Pink Floyd's music is unique and authentic.

Beyond Comfortably Numb, AK extends his musical prowess to THE AK PROJECT, a progressive rock act. The debut album, 'Outside the Cage,' has garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success. AK's versatility shines as he also excels as a classical and flamenco guitarist, having honed his skills in Spain's Andalucia region. Recognized for his dedication, AK is the recipient of the Contemporary Flamenco Guitar Institute grant award from Andalusian Guitars.

The release by THE AK PROJECT entitled 'A Thunderous Exchange of Silence' is available HERE.

Although primarily a Fender player, AK is endorsed by DEAN GUITARS, using some DEAN acoustic guitars with Comfortably Numb and DEAN electric and acoustic with THE AK PROJECT.

Paul 'Otis' Oatway
Bass, Backing Vocals

Otis and AK, lifelong friends and musical collaborators since the early '90s, have shared an extensive journey across various projects, marked by their dedication to delivering exceptional performances on stage. Throughout their enduring collaborations, they have crisscrossed the globe on numerous tours, contributing their musical prowess to diverse projects. Otis, in particular, stands out as an exceptional bassist, with a skill set that goes beyond the ordinary. His technique, distinctive style, and authoritative command of the instrument make him an outstanding presence on stage, elevating the musical experience for audiences.

As one of the original members of Comfortably Numb, Otis played a pivotal role in shaping the band's identity from its inception to the present day. His enduring commitment to the project has been instrumental in maintaining the band's authenticity and musical excellence. Otis's profound impact on Comfortably Numb extends beyond his remarkable bass skills, as he continues to be an integral force in the ongoing journey of this musical tribute.

Otis is also the bassist for THE AK PROJECT.

Geneviève Bourgeois
Vocal, Keyboard

Geneviève, affectionately known as Gin, is a seasoned vocalist boasting years of dynamic performances both on stage and in the studio. She effortlessly infuses Numb with her vocal magic, captivating stage presence, and a distinctive style that sets the band apart. Beyond her musical prowess, Gin's incredible personality and gentle nature seamlessly integrate into the band's dynamic, making her an invaluable member of our Comfortably Numb family. We take immense pride and pleasure in having Gin contribute her talents to our musical journey.

In addition to her prowess as a vocalist, Gin is a skilled songwriter with an impressive portfolio of original music. Her multifaceted contributions further enrich the band's creative landscape, showcasing her versatility and depth as an artist. We are not only fortunate to witness Gin's exceptional performances but also to be privy to the artistic depth she brings to the table, making her an integral part of our musical tapestry. Check out her amazing work here: https://lemeowmusic.bandcamp.com/

Gin and leMeow present their latest original song, now available on all major streaming platforms! Check out the official release through the links below!


Brent Hultquist
Keyboards/Organ, Saxaphone/Backing Vocals

Brent and AK, longstanding friends, have seamlessly woven their musical talents together for over three decades, embarking on diverse musical journeys that have taken them across extensive tours. Brent, a virtuoso on piano, keyboards, and a diverse range of wind instruments, brings an unparalleled dimension to Comfortably Numb – Canada's Pink Floyd Show. With an astounding technique that transcends traditional boundaries, Brent's musical prowess elevates the band's performances, making him an indispensable force in the sonic tapestry that defines this unique tribute to Pink Floyd.

As a member of the original Numb lineup, Brent's enduring presence is integral to the enchantment that characterizes this distinctive homage to Pink Floyd. His musical finesse not only reflects the band's deep-rooted history but also contributes significantly to the ongoing magic that defines Comfortably Numb. Brent's enduring commitment and exceptional skill set continue to shape the band's identity, ensuring that their tribute remains a captivating journey through the timeless sounds of Pink Floyd.

Brent is also the keyboardist for THE AK PROJECT.

Chris Houle

Chris, an exceptionally skilled and seasoned drummer, brings to Comfortably Numb – Canada's Pink Floyd Show, the precise rhythmic pulse required to authentically render the music of Pink Floyd. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Chris not only demonstrates technical proficiency but also a nuanced understanding of the intricate beats that define Pink Floyd's iconic sound. His rhythmic prowess serves as the heartbeat of the performance, ensuring that each note resonates with the true essence of the legendary band's music.

Beyond his musical expertise, Chris's affable personality and gentle nature make him a perfect fit for the collaborative and harmonious atmosphere of Comfortably Numb. His demeanor not only complements the band's dynamic but also enhances the overall experience for both the musicians and the audience, creating a synergy that captures the spirit of Pink Floyd's timeless repertoire.

Chris is also the drummer for THE AK PROJECT.

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